Cook His Favorite Meal - (Warning ONLY do this after he earned it): As we all know food is most men’s love language and it nourishes him on a biological and inner-child level.

Anita and Brody

Anita and Brody

Give Him A Lap Dance -  Men are visual and love to not only feel but also see your appreciation for him. Have fun with it and let it be an enjoyment for ALL of his senses.

TELL Him That You Appreciate Him And Why - I know this sounds so simple which is why often times we ladies forget to do it. If your man’s love language is words of appreciation it will go even farther.

Send Him Out For A Day Or Evening With His Best Guy Friend -  A lot of men have freedom in the upper third of their needs list. Giving your man freedom so he can explore this different archetype of himself and experience himself in a new way can be the perfect gift to your man.

Go To His Favorite Game With Him - Often times your man wish you would share his passion for football/baseball etc. with him. A really amazing way to show him appreciation is by showing appreciation for what he loves.

Allow Him To Be Who He Really Is - At times, the biggest gift a man can receive is pure non-judgement. Not trying to change him and celebrating the man he is and loving all his quirks and whatever comes with it.

Give Him A Massage - I cannot tell you how far a simple back massage goes for your relationship. Men whose love language is acts of service will relate to this one the best. Touch can create so much connection and love and a really good way for your man to simply let go for just 15 min of all his responsibilities.

Appreciate Him In Front Of Others - Men have an ego and a need of significance like we women do. Therefore you celebrating him as your hero IN FRONT of people feeds that need immensely. You show the world that you stand by him and that’s what he wants to know.

Ask Him Questions - One of the most rewarding things you can do for some men is to ask them questions. It shows that you care, that you are interested in him. Nothing is more powerful than active listening. When I ask my husband questions, he lights up like a Christmas tree and happily informs of all the latest and greatest. Trust me it works every. Single. Time. Try it!

Listen To Him - Another one of the more simple gestures you can show him that your appreciation is more than just words. Sometimes it’s the opposite - silence and receiving his words of wisdom or wonder. We are living in a world filled with distractions and nobody is PRESENT with each other anymore. Listening to your man is the best way to make him feel special.

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