The phenomenon of divorce parties is taking 2018 by storm, with rising ‘divorce parties’ interest on social media platforms, totaling 33 million in 2017. And with the rate of divorce up 5.8% for the first time in five years, the trend is only set to grow.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

With an increase in people choosing to actively celebrate, rather than lament an end to their nuptials, bonprix have teamed up with Divorce Party Planner and Author Christine Gallagher to create their top 10 tips for re-entering single life with the best divorce party possible.

Make sure your mentally ready for it

Divorce is painful, and the idea of a divorce party isn’t to hide feelings of heartache, but to celebrate overcoming the hard times, and rising out the ashes ready to embrace single life. If you are still working through your feelings, give yourself time, and throw your party when you recognise this IS something to celebrate. Christine Gallagher says: “Divorce is devastating. We need an event to mark this huge life change. All the other significant events in life have ceremonies or rituals. The party can mark the end of something, and the beginning of the rest of your life – they’re often coming out of lengthy marriages and aren’t ashamed to shout about the milestone. The point is to own what’s going on, and to push aside old ideas of shame around divorce.”

Shout about it!

The stigma attached to divorce is disappearing as people become more open to the world after divorce and are brave enough to end a relationship that just isn’t working anymore. Rosie Smith, Campaign Manager at bonprix said: “It’s so important that divorce isn’t seen as a dirty word anymore. It’s becoming so much more accepted in society. We’re now seeing a generation of women that are taking risks with their home lives and careers when they know that change is the right thing to do. It’s something that should be celebrated.”

Select the guest list wisely

Get the party atmosphere going with at least 20 people, to make sure you, the party’s guest of honor, get as many gifts as possible! Avoid inviting anyone with a negative opinion on your split, as well as anyone who might be offended by a bit of tongue in cheek humor.

Make sure you look your best

This is a new beginning, a new you and looking your best will give you a boost of confidence and get you in the party mood. Pamper, preen and prime yourself into feeling great, and ready to throw yourself into this new single life.

Get the drinks flowing

The basic rule of all parties; make sure there isn’t an empty glass in the room. Ensure everyone brings a bottle of wine, pop open the bubbly to celebrate in style, or mix your own cocktails. You could even introduce your own personal drinks menu, selecting cocktails with names that appeal to you.

Playing the marriage game

This simple game is bound to get both married and divorced attendees alike giggling at the common perils of married life. All you need is a bowl, pens and paper. Everyone writes down the most reoccurring tiff in their marriage down and throws it into the bowl anonymously, to be later read out at random for you to guess who it belongs to.

Create a Diva filled Playlist

Make sure to fill the room with the right kind of positivity, using your favourite divas singing famous ‘I don’t need a man’ themed dance tunes. Gloria Gaynor’s hit song ‘I Will Survive’ is a popular choice to get everyone up on their feet and singing along.

Hold a ring funeral

Holding a funeral for your wedding ring might sound silly, but the ring was there from start to finish of your wedded life, and reflecting on this difficult time whilst surrounded by your closest friends can give you closure and provide the peaceful end to your marriage, that so many divorcees don’t experience.

Burn away the bad feelings

A great way to cleanse (and maybe get your own back a little), is to burn any of your partners possessions left in the house. If they haven’t collected it by now, they don’t need it, and it will feel damn good! Burning anything symbolic of the marriage tainting your new life will work just as well. For one woman Divorce Party Planner Christine worked with, this even involved the torching of a prized hunting trophy that once sat above the couple’s bed. Cathartic to say the least!

Prepare for the hangover

Stock up on Paracetamol, Alka-Seltzer, ginger beer, or any other remedies for the dreaded hangover your bound to experience. Have the take-away menus and Netflix subscription at the ready, and prepare for a very unproductive day.

Celebrate the milestone of divorce, by symbolising the end of a negative period of your life, and also the start of a new era in your life, with the opportunity for lasting happiness. Follow these top tips and throw a divorce party that will leave you feeling supported, empowered and full of hope for the future