Today is National Blame Someone Else Day- and although it seems easier to shift the responsibility onto someone else- it does nothing but harm to your relationship. So here are 10 things that your partner doesn’t deserve the blame for.

Your unhappiness

Your unhappiness

Your unhappiness- If you are unhappy- this isn’t your partner’s fault. Happiness comes from within- and although a partner might have the ability to give you a temporary boost- sustained happiness is down to you.

Boredom- You are both just as responsible for keeping things fresh and interesting in your relationship- rather than looking to your partner to cure your boredom- it might be your turn to come up with a bright idea.

Your relationship woes- Again, it takes two to tango and your relationship troubles don’t arise because of one person- they are the work of two, so look at how you can improve your side of the bargain before blaming your lover.

When you don’t get what you want- That’s life. We don’t always get what we want and it’s not automatically your SO’s fault if something didn’t go your way. Accept that this isn’t your time and move on.

When they disappoint you- Before you tell them how much they’ve let you down- ask yourself if your expectations are too high. If they are- your partner will be a constant disappointment, so it might be time to lower those standards and be more realistic.

Your failures- If you make a mistake or don’t succeed at something- why is that your partner’s responsibility? It’s not! Rather than trying to make excuses- accept that you made a wrong move somewhere. No one is perfect.

Circumstances you have created- If you have laid the ground work and you don’t like what has followed- don’t look to your partner to pile on the guilt- you laid the foundations- instead of pointing the finger- rebuild.

Not understating you- It might be less about them receiving the message and more about the way you are delivering it- so look to yourself first before you criticize.

Their faults- We all have them- so instead of focusing on the parts of their personality you aren’t hot about- remember all the positive things they do for you and the good traits they embody. They will outweigh the bed if you just take the time to look.

Things that go wrong in your life together- You aren’t the only couple who has to endure bad stuff- so don’t blame your person- ask them how they are feeling about the whole thing and put it down to experience so it doesn’t happen again.

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