As today is National Plant a Flower Day we thought we would reminisce over the things couples do when they decide to become green fingered- and fail miserably at it. 

You kill all the plans in your garden

You kill all the plans in your garden

You make the decision to become green fingered- The weather's improving and you need a hobby to do together so you figure- it's a no brainer.

Do no research beforehand- What can be so hard about caring for plants? You buy them, pot them and water them at regular intervals- done.

You buy everything that looks pretty and will match your fence stain- Regardless of if it's indoor, outdoor, right for the season- as long as it looks the part- you buy it and stick it outside.

Spend a fortune- And figure the initial cost is always going to be the biggest- then a little bit here and there will keep your garden going.

Get soil all over your car- Because you haven't lined it to protect it from the plant detritus. You're glad you took your partner's car and not yours- it takes them ages to hoover it out.

Spend hours getting it all in place- Your backs hurt, you're both covered in dirt and by this point the novelty has already started to wear off.

Sit out in the garden- And enjoy your handy work while having a beer or a barbecue. It's a proud moment so you have to celebrate and now you have a reason to be more outdoorsy.

Take a bath and flop down on the couch- And exclaim how much effort gardening is. Neither of you wants to do this s**t again and try to palm it off on one another- 'it was your idea!'

Water the plants when you remember- Or over water them because you don't tell each other when you give the plants a drink.

The plants die- Through thirst or drowning, you move onto your next joint hobby and settle for just mowing the lawn. You both declare gardening as another failed attempt at doing something together- like the gym and eating healthily.

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