Today is National Puzzle Day- So if you are going to try doing a puzzle together, today is the most appropriate time to begin!

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

It makes a change- Whatever your puzzle of choice- a jigsaw, trivia, word search, brain teaser or Sudoku, it’s probably far removed from your usual choice of watching TV, looking on your I-pad or scrolling through your phone and that can only be a good thing.

It puts both your minds to work- When you would normally switch off and let your digital devices do all the hard work- this stops you feeling like zombies as soon as you set foot through the door.  

A puzzle helps to improve problem solving skills- And couples with responsibilities are faced with problems on a semi regular basis. So, if you’ve practised these skills on something less important like a puzzle- you will be able to use them on something more worthwhile when it counts.

It helps you to learn new things together- You might learn a new word, a new piece of trivia that will come in very handy at the next pub quiz or maybe something new about each other. That’s right- you can still surprise each other with new information.

It’s cheap- Compared to other forms of entrainment- puzzles don’t cost the earth, so if you are penny pinching, this is something you can do together and feel no guilt over.

It’s ideal preparation for your summer holidays- Everyone knows you can’t be entertained the entire time you’re away- so taking a book of crosswords or a sudoku on the plane with you, by the beach or in your tent might just help to fill in some free time.

Some puzzles inspire conversation- You are bound to have memories of doing puzzles with your folks when you were little so doing one together encourages you to share childhood memories with one another and enjoy the feeling of nostalgia.

Most puzzles are portable- So if you’re stuck in a waiting room together, a traffic jam or on a train and the mood takes you, you can whip out your crossword book and have instant boredom relief.

Puzzles improve memory and cognitive function- All partners want to be sharp for one another right into old age and doing puzzles regularly will ensure you both can hold an intelligent conversation even when you’re grey and wrinkly.

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