Today is International Day of Rural Women, so we take a look at the perks of dating a gal from the country.

There are so many

There are so many

She enjoys the simple things- Living in the country means she probably makes her own fun because she isn't blessed with good reception for digital devices. Women from rural places are full of cool dating ideas that don't cost the earth.

She's not afraid to get dirty- Mud and grass stains don't make her freak out and run to the nearest dry cleaners with her clothes. She lives by the motto of 'a bit of dirt never hurt anyone'.

She knows some good walks- If you're into hiking- she probably knows some of the best places to walk in the area- so you will always have a hobby in common if you're into that sort of thing.

She's naturally beautiful- With an absence of department store beauty counters nearby- she doesn't cake her face with make-up and pile on the products. Fresh air is all she needs to keep her cheeks flushed and her hair tousled.

She looks sexy in wellies- Not the most attractive of footwear- but somehow, she manages to pull them off.

She looks amazing in jeans and checked tops- This combo never goes out of fashion in the country because she makes it look so damn good.

She isn't obsessed by shopping- The nearest shopping centre is probably miles way so she isn't preoccupied with fashions and doesn't have expensive tastes- she's quite happy with your company and some good food.

You don't need to bring her flowers- There's likely a ton of places about her house that have an abundance of wild flowers- why spend money when you can enjoy them together for free?

She can probably cook up a storm- With lots of natural home grown or locally sourced food to hand, she's likely able to teach you a thing or two in the kitchen so you can cook up a storm together.

She likes animals- It's hard to get away from wildlife in the country and animals make for great company when people are few and far between. She's likely to have a few pets in tow- if you're an animal lover- chances are you'll get along great.

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