Your date nights don't have to cost much or be fancy- You are both happy with a pizza and a movie on a Friday night- cheap and cheerful and some quality time spent together. Bliss.

You can do things together or apart

You can do things together or apart

You don't have to spend all hours of the day with each other- If you live together, you are quite happy to go off and do your own thing- if that's gaming, reading, watching a show, cooking, going on the laptop- whatever- you are content to disappear into different rooms and see each other in a few hours.

You don't feel the need to publicise your relationship- You don't post anything about each other on Facebook or Twitter- other people's opinions of your relationship don't matter- what you think of each other is all that counts and there are no problems there.

You don't make a fuss on anniversaries and Valentine's- You tell your partner you love them every day and they do the same back- you don't need to save it up for a couple of times a year dictated by the calendar.

You are both easily pleased- A long kiss when you get in from work, a great sex session or a loving text or email are all you need to make each other smile.

You don't criticise each other for their guilty pleasure- One of you is partial to one too many sweets, while the other has a mild gaming addiction- everyone has their vices and neither of you is any different.

You are both easy when it comes to plans- whoever suggests them- A take out- sure- a night with the family- ok- a trip to the cinema- you go and get your coat. You don't overthink things and just get on with it.

You don't deny each other time with other people- If your partner needs a night out with their mates, time with family or a work's night out- you don't begrudge them of that and you get the same relaxed attitude in return.

You don't worry about what they are getting up to- You trust that they will treat you with the same respect as you would them so you know that they won't cheat or speak about you in a negative way behind your back.

You never worry about your sex life- If you don't have a lot of sex one week because of work, tiredness or too many carbs- you know you will make up for it the next. You know you don't have to reach a quota like the media tells you to and accept that you will go through phases just like any other couple.

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