Men like to have an easy life and being happy go lucky is part of that. They love it when you join in on their games and good moods. It makes being an adult a little easier when you feel like you're still playing grown-ups. We take a look at 8 things they do that you can't help but breaking down into raptures over to celebrate National Let's Laugh Day. A day set aside to bring out your silly side!

Do your guy love to see you smile?

Do your guy love to see you smile?

Fake dishwasher sex- When you bend over to put things in the dishwasher- your partner grabs you by the hips and simulates taking you from behind in a dry hump. Sometimes it doesn't even have to be the dishwasher- just when you bend down in general to pick something up or put something away, he thinks this move is appropriate. At first you try to be prudish about it and then you can't help but laugh at his animal antics.

Bed farts- He thinks it's really funny to fart and then trap you underneath the sheets to make you inhale his foul stench. It makes you want to gag and your eyes water- you fear for pink eye, but all the while you can't help but take a breath to giggle and wish you hadn't.

The sex point- When he wants some- he resorts to pointing at you're your area to indicate that he's in the mood, there are no words exchanged- simply- a noise- as if his need for sex has outweighed his ability to actually speak. After a long day of being an adult, it can be just the light relief you need. You find that you start doing it too and it becomes your universal language for bumping uglies.

The ball scratch- If you decided to start scratching your bits and pieces, he would think you had some kind of infection, but there is apparently nothing wrong with him lobbing it out and having a good scratch of his little guys while you sit next to him watching the TV. At first you might be horrified but this soon turns into a smile when you see the look on his face- sheer heaven. (If it's the same feeling as when you take your bra off then you kind of get it!)

The bathroom details- If you began to talk openly about our business he would probably never have sex with you again- but men seem to think its fine to talk about their movements in graphic detail. They like to warn you 'to give it 5' before going upstairs or that the meal you had last night 'didn't touch the sides' while they pull out their poo cone. Is it any wonder that you like to use as much bleach as you do?! It's disgusting but somewhere deep inside; you appreciate that he can be totally honest with you and make you laugh about everyday stuff.

The welcome home kiss- When you get home- he kisses you on the lips and then simulates a Dracula move and starts to lightly bite and blow raspberries on your neck. Everything from your bad day melts away and you can't help but squirm and scream.

The bra headphones- You leave your bra on the maiden to dry, or he finds one in your underwear drawer and puts it on his head to pretend he's a pilot and starts to make plane noises. You laugh and realise why have you never thought to do this?!

The chase- You own a little house that takes you seconds to get around, but somehow he thinks it's really funny to chase you around, trying to tickle you in your most sensitive places. It always ends in the bedroom where you are trapped on the bed on your back with nowhere to go, surrendering to his prodding fingers.

But you wouldn't have him any other way!

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