Daily Horoscope

Can you really go on much longer the way you have been? I don’t think you can and I don’t think you should either Virgo! Straight talking today gets you what and who you want.

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Weekly Horoscope

Try not to tell tales on others this week please Virgo.

Remember what they say about people in glass houses not throwing stones! You seem to be more at peace with something which was ruining your life last month and that’s because you’ve discovered how very strong you are my friend.

Answers in love are hard to find this week.

Ring now to hear how patience is your key to success.

Monthly Horoscope

Success is not final.

Failure is not fatal.

It is the courage to continue that counts.

The home is highlighted and changes you make to the abode are sure to make your day to day life a nicer place to be.

Technology may let you down from the 17th, so try to send any important work to yourself or back it up while you can.

Last minute travel plans can open up a new path for you which will see you evolving in ways which were previously not possible.

Be patient with family from the 9th.

They are likely to be going through much you are not aware of.

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