Daily Horoscope

There is a really naive feel to your chart which could see many of your sign making decisions which will take longer to get out of than they will to get into.

Travel mix ups end up being enjoyable.

Ring now for an important message from Venus.

Weekly Horoscope

Family are proving more demanding than usual, but for once it seems to be for a very valid reason.

Try not to bite when others try to bait you, but instead work on what you know needs to be a priority this week.

By tying up what needs to be done, you will show that you are a sign who can keep to their word.

Younger faces are set to pleasantly surprise you.

Ring now to make the most of life.

Monthly Horoscope

Try not to play games in love this month, trust me my friend, you will get your fingers burnt.

It would be far better for you to listen and not just talk.

If you do, then you will find out that others want the same as you do.

Your ruling planet Venus helps you to find the words you could not say last month, which enables you to find common ground and humour again.

Although you begin this month slowly, you work out by the 18th that you are the one who has to make the decisions which others cannot or will not.

Ring now to hear why I know you’ll be able to get away this summer.