Daily Horoscope

Your emotions come to the fore and you may even end up accusing your close ones of things they have not done because of your over active imagination.

Know how far is too far to go.

Life is for enjoying, not regretting.

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Weekly Horoscope

Where is your mind Capricorn? Do you think you’re living in the past or in the future? You want to be in the here and now, but until you acknowledge to yourself that you want to move on and that you are worthy of a good life, you will keep getting pulled back.

Events from Thursday help you find the tools you need to keep moving forward with honesty.

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Monthly Horoscope

Don’t make more of an argument than is really necessary.

You would be far better to wait and see what those involved have to say once the mists of heightened emotions have cleared.

Could it be that you are taking out emotions towards someone you can’t reach, on those you can? Only you can answer this question with complete honesty Capricorn.

Travel you make in the name of work is well starred, even if it means making the sacrifice of paying for it yourself.

Saturn brings positive solutions to stubborn financial issues.

Help you ask for is likely to be given.

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