As someone who has been on five different contraceptive pills, I know how hard it can be to find the one that works for you. Hormonal contraception can be a bit of trial and error until you finally find one that agrees with your body.

Are you struggling to find the right one?

Are you struggling to find the right one?

Today we will take a look at the different ones and what they all mean- because I don't know about you- but they can get confusing!?

Let's get the obvious out of the way first- they are all almost 100% effective at preventing pregnancy- so they already have something pretty important in common. These clever little pills not only act as a contraceptive but can also reduce certain side effects as well as tackle some of the common things associated with menstruation. Let's take a look;

Artificial Progestogen and Oestrogen (The Combined Pill)

What the devil does that mean? When a pill is labelled up as having both progesterone and oestrogen- it simply means it has two female hormones in it. Your body already contains these hormones but the pill increases them to a higher level so they trick your brain into not releasing an egg from your ovaries and reducing the lining in your womb so it's not a nice place for an egg to visit- so it leaves. Clever eh?!

The advantages are plentiful- they are one of the most reliable and convenient methods of contraception, they can ease period pain, reduce your risk of getting ovarian cysts and fibroids AND prevent against cancer of the womb.

The following pills contain two hormones;

Yasmin, Dianette, Cilest, Microgynon, Mercilon, Marvelon , Ovranette, Logynon, Femodette, Emodene, Qlaira, Loestrin, Binovum, Brevinor Trinovum, Zoely   

Weight Gain

Many women battle with their weight and we don't need our pill to start doing the job of a gooey slab of cake now do we? If you are overweight or gain weight easily then Yasmin might be the way forward for you as this has a reduced risk of side effects such as weight gain.


Thanks to teen years and adult acne- women are too familiar with spots and blemishes that are hard to shift- if this is a problem already for you then Dianette might be best suited to your skin as it is a proven treatment for acne.

Period pain

If you are anything like me- you dread that time of the month because it means cramps, hot water bottles and pain relief for days in a row- not great. Cilest, Ovranette Trinovum, Emodene and Marvelon are designed to alleviate pain and discomfort caused by your period- so this could make your 'lady time' more bearable. Hurrah!

Oestrogen Sensitivity

The combined pill might be ideal for some- but what about the people whose bodies are not fond of all that extra oestrogen? Well there is a solution- Cerazette, Noriday and Micronor are progesterone only- so if you are iffy with the Os- just take the Ps!

Things to remember about any pill!

- Take them correctly- If you are a forgetful person- keep you pill on you in your handbag and set an alarm on your phone- best thing I ever did!

- They may have minor side effects such as;

- Headaches

- Weight changes

- Nausea

- Breast tenderness

- Bleeding between periods

(If do you get any of the above you need to go back to your doctor and ask for an alternative)

- Your blood pressure needs to be at a healthy level- so keep active and eat well to ensure that yours is in tip top condition.

- They don't protect against STDs including HIV- If you are unsure if someone has one of the above- ask them to get tested before sleeping with them.

- Always consult your doctor before going on the pill so they can find the right one for you!

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