Let's face it- it sounds like the easiest thing in the world to do- take a pill at the same time, every day for three weeks then take a break (or the whole 28 days if you're a mini pill gal over the combined selection). But life sometimes gets in the way. You might be able to keep up this habit at a 9-5 job, but not on the weekends, when you might be having more sex because your schedule is disrupted. If you do shift work or are a student, your life lacks any sort of regularity, which can be tricky. So what do you do if you forget to take it?

Have you missed a pill?

Have you missed a pill?

Well, it all depends how many you miss:

One pill

If you have missed one pill or are a day late in starting your pill pack you should still be protected against pregnancy.

- Take the last pill you missed, even if that means taking two in one day

- Continue to take the rest of the pack as normal

- Take a 7-day break as normal from taking your pill when you finish the pack

Two or more pills

If you have missed more than one or started a pack over 2 days after you should, your likelihood of pregnancy is higher.

-Take the last pill you missed now, even if it means taking two in one day

- Don't take any more than one extra, leave the rest

- Carry on taking the rest of the pack as you would normally

- Use extra contraception such as condoms for the next seven days

When you start your next pack after missing two or more pills:

- If there are seven or more pills left in the pack after your last missed pill, complete the pack and take your 7-day break as normal.

- If there are less than seven pills in the pack after your missed pill, complete the pack and start a new pack the day after and miss your pill free break.

- If you are not sure if you are covered, take extra precautions and use a condom or avoid sex. Continue your pill as normal just to be safe.

I admit that is a lot of information to take in so if you are still a bit confused then you can seek extra advice from any of the following places;

- A family planning clinic

- An NHS walk-in centre

- Your GP

- A pharmacist

Last word: If you are like me and terrible at taking your pill at the same time every day- set an alarm to go off at the same time on each day of the week to remind you. Let's face it, women rarely go anywhere without their phone now do they?

If you are worried about a missed pill, you can visit our HealthClinic for advice and emergency contraceptive options.

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