www.lottoland.co.uk has found that one of the most common risks taken on a regular basis by both men and women having unprotected sex, which makes up 47% of Brits.

A lot of adults aren't using protection

A lot of adults aren't using protection

Dan Hawkins, spokesperson for Lottoland.co.uk, made the following comments regarding the results of the study:

"The definition of 'risk-taking' is pretty subjective; one individual's idea of a risk may not necessarily be another's, which is why we pre-determined what we considered to be 'risks' in this study. The fact that 'unprotected sex' emerged as one of the most common risks taken by Britons is somewhat worrying as it poses potential health risks.

More than two thirds of all adults have had unprotected sex and not used any form of contraception when they've not been trying for a baby.

The YouGive survey, commissioned by condom brand SKYN by Mates, found that 73 per cent of men admitted they have had sex without using any form of contraception compared to 63 per cent of women.

Londoners who have had sex without using contraception seem to be more spontaneous, with almost half of respondents admitting to "spur of the moment" unplanned sex, more than the rest of the UK.

Barry McCool, Head of Global Marketing of the Sexual Wellness Division of Ansell comments: "Our signature condoms have been described by consumers as the "closest thing to wearing nothing" and I hope that this will encourage more to practise safe sex."

The YouGov survey was commissioned by SKYN as part of its promotional campaign promoting its ultra-smooth polyisoprene condom, which is clinically proven to enhance sensation combining the strength of a premium latex with the sensitivity of the real thing and advocating safe sex amongst young and unattached people.

The survey found that 40% of all 18-24 year olds have potentially taken a chance with sexual transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy by having unprotected sex and not using any form of contraception.

"In this sophisticated cool society that openly discuss sexual preferences and protections, it is surprising to discover, that people appear to be playing Russian roulette with STD's by having unprotected sex with two thirds of all adults ever having sex without protection as our survey recently revealed." says Barry McCool, Head of Global Marketing.

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