As soon as the Etta James power ballad 'I Just Wanna Make Love To You' kicks off- you know what you are in for- and it has been delighting women all over since the nineties.

It's bound to make you take a sneaky peek!

It's bound to make you take a sneaky peek!

Today is National Have A Coke Day, so we thought we would take a look at ALL of the Diet Coke Ads to celebrate- you're welcome!

The Gardener

The most recent of the Diet Coke adverts featues a group of beautiful women, presumably taking their lunch break consisting of just a can of Diet Coke in the local park- as you do. They see a rather lovely gardener cutting grass. The brunette rolls him a can to quench his thirst on the conveniently hot day. Alas, all that rolling makes the can explode in his face and rather than letting the intense heat dry him off, he removes his top and rings it out, baring his six pack- in a picnic like no other. 

The Bulider

Next up, we have the 1996 Diet Coke break- 'The Builder'. No one in the office bats an eye as all the women flock towards the window at exactly the same time every day to ogle at one of the buff builders outside. In a blur of pearl earrings, high wasited trousers, big glasses and even bigger hair- the women drool at the half naked man enjoying a cool can of the dark stuff.  

The Window Cleaner

Then we have 'The Window Cleaner' and there is very little work getting done in this advert either- by the women or the cleaner of the windows- who happens to be super hot by the way. And no one has picked up on the fact that all the women working at this company mysteriously disappear for an 'appointment' at 11.30?!

Marc Jacobs

This time- it's Mark Jacobs' turn to get his kit off- because most work places have photo booths in the lobby right? And they are- of course- the most appropriate place to take semi-nude pictures of yourself too. I'd love to know where they work...

The Elevator Man

Finally, we have 'The Elevator Man'- the hero who drops into the elevator mere seconds after the red button is pushed to fix it. Oh, and it just so happens he's wearing a tight, white t-shirt and sporting a very sexy hairdo too.