Dreaming about being on a roller coaster is often thought to represent a lack control because that is what you experience when you get on such a ride. Perhpas you feel you're not in the driving seat of your own life at present. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

One viewpoint is that you feel in control of a situation in your life right now, despite the ups and downs and challenges it brings you.

Perhaps you are going through something at present that would have once made you stop in your tracks- but now you are older, more experienced and stronger so have the tools to get through whatever life throws at you.

If you were frightened to ride the roller coaster because it was big or going really fast then perhaps you foresee a situation that scares you. If you have been discussing a big life change like getting married, changing jobs or having children then maybe this is a reflection of how you feel about it. You might be nervous or cautious about the next step- or riding the roller coaster because you don't know what to expect until you are on it.

If you got on the roller coaster, however, this shows that even though you anticipate stress and momentum in your waking life; you are still going to do whatever it is that makes you anxious anyway.

A roller coaster is symbolic of life's good and bad and the awareness that you will have huge highs and deep lows but in the end you will always be relieved that you did it because it gives you knowledge, experience and a rounded outlook on life.

Who was on the rollercoaster with you? Whoever it was is the person you are likely to be going through all of these changes with. The movements of the ride are again attributed to a romantic or non-romantic relationship- there will be times when you will feel on top of the world with each other but also moments when you will have lulls in your pairing.

If you got stuck at any point on the rollercoaster- it could mean that you feel in a rut in some part of your life. It doesn't mean that it's going to last forever, but for the moment you feel routed in one place. It's a gentle reminder that where you are at now will pass and your life will move on again.

If you were ok to stay at the top, it might be that you feel you are rooted in a good spot in your life right now and are willing for it to stay as it is for a while.

If you dreamt about the steep climb to get there, this could be reminiscent of the sacrifices and hard work you had to endure in order to get to where you are.

If you could see the bottom or the dip, then you may be anticipating some harder times and are not prepared to let yourself enter into them yet.

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