To dream about cheating on a spouse or partner suggests that you are feeling some guilt surrounding a betrayal.

We find out what it means to dream about cheating on your partner

We find out what it means to dream about cheating on your partner

Have you don’t something lately that you regret? If so, do you need to make amends? Perhaps you have wronged your partner in some other way.

Perhaps you have gone against your morals and beliefs for all the wrong reasons. You may have found yourself in a dangerous or even illegal situation. Do you need to distance yourself from the people associated or the event?

Cheating dreams can also be linked to the sexual passion you have for your partner- even more so if you haven’t yet had sex yet or are in the early stages of dating when the passion runs high.

If your partner was the one cheating on you- you may have abandonment issues. Perhaps your lover hasn’t given you the attention you feel you deserve- which has manifested itself in a cheating dream.

It’s possible you have trust issues and low self esteem which can both contribute to not feeling worthy of your partner’s affections.

Cheating is a very common dream that can be linked to your innermost sexual urges and desires. It might be telling you to express these to your partner if you want them to become a reality.

To dream of cheating is a safe place in which to explore your sexuality because you don't hurt anyone in the process. You dreamscape might be revealing things you never knew you wanted from your physical relationship.

Perhaps you feel you need some excitement in an aspect of your life (not necessarily your sex life) and it was your subconscious telling you to explore the possibilities.

Consider who you were having the affair with. Often, it’s less about an attraction to that person and more about the aspects of their personality and looks that you envy. Perhaps you admire something about that them and you want to be more like this person. Just be careful not to lose sight of who you are in the process.


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