To dream about being in the bathroom can mean that you are having instinctual urges right now. You may feel the burden and a desire to relieve yourself of this heavy weight that's dragging you down.

We find out what it means to dream about a bath

We find out what it means to dream about a bath

A full bath could be your mind telling you that you are full to the brim and can't take any more without letting a little bit out.

If you have taken on too much in your professional life or are supporting someone who has a lot of issues at home, then you may feel like you are overflowing and have nothing left to give. This might be the perfect time to seek support to let some of that water out.

A bath can also be symbolic of purification and renewal. If you feel like you need a fresh start by changing career, moving house or seeking a new relationship then a transition in one or a few of these areas might address these innermost desires.

You might be overdue for an emotional and psychological cleanse and it may be the time to do so. Perhaps you need to offload these feelings to someone close to you, a professional or simply write them down so you can relieve some of the pressure that's been building up.

Another viewpoint is that you might be craving privacy in your life. Perhaps people are paying too much attention to your business and you feel exposed or you have told someone something and they didn't keep it to themselves. Maybe your shared space no longer feels like yours and someone has taken over a place you once called your own.

You might feel it's important to protect your privacy in order to take better care of yourself if other people's involvement in your life has left you neglecting your own basic needs.

Source: The Complete A-Z Dictionary of Dreams

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