Dreaming about pancakes often indicates a period of enjoyment, playfulness and family time. 

We find out what it means to dream about pancakes

We find out what it means to dream about pancakes

Perhaps you crave more of this in your waking life or maybe you are in the centre of a positive time with those closest to you and are consequently looking forward to your celebrations later today.

Another interpretation is that being at home with family is a safety net for you and you need to get out into he world more and pursue your dreams rather than staying within the familiarity of the four walls at home.

Pancakes can be symbolic of poverty- so maybe you are worried about money right now or you fear that you will have financial issues in the near future. This may have to result in you cutting down on your outgoings and living life more simply.

Alternatively, you might just have an ambition to live your live more economically and frugally if you feel things have got out of hand lately and you are putting plans in place to achieve this.  

You may need to take pleasure in the simpler things in life, if you are too fixated on materialistic things that ultimately aren’t making you happy.

If you burned a pancake in your dream, it’s possible you have had a setback recently - but the important thing to remember is to try again until you get it right if it means a lot to you to succeed in your endeavour.

Pancakes that are piled high could refer to a situation during your waking hours that has several layers to it- it’s complex and problematic and is demanding a lot of your time right now. Do you need to take a break from this or find a way to lessen your load?

Or perhaps you feel like you have been faced with one negative thing after another lately and are trying to stay positive that something good will come along eventually.

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