When you dream about a pan, it’s often symbolic of something you are taking your time over in your waking life. You may have to wait for something but you know it will be worth it in the end. You are aware that you need to treat whatever it is with time and care or it won’t come to anything.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

If you dreamed about a frying pan, it’s possible you are being shallow or superficial over someone or something and need to look at the bigger picture.

If the pan was empty in your dream, this could indicate a feeling of loss, disappointment or a sense that your will experience this in the near future.

If you were cleaning a dirty frying pan, then you feel satisfied or content about something you’ve achieved in your waking hours or anticipate this feeling over something you are about to complete.

A frying pan that is new and cold could indicate your lack of desire or drive to achieve something or acquire something.

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Think about the phrase ‘food for thought’- if the food was cooking or ‘transforming’ in the pan perhaps your ideas are too limited right now. Maybe you need to think more optimistically about the possible changes that could take place if you are willing to try or experiment.

If the pan was dented, it’s possible you are not taking care of the very basic needs of your family. Alternatively, are you are denying yourself some basic need and not providing enough of the simple things in life for yourself?

A broken handle could mean that you are struggling to handle a task in your waking hours.

Cooking something in a pan signifies creativity, so your dream could be a reminder to you to use this talent more than you are now or take it to new heights.

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Perhaps you have taken things to the excess where your eating habits are concerned and you need to dial things back a bit. This is even more prudent if what you were grilling was junk food. What can you do to make your diet work better for you to make you feel more vibrant? Another interpretation is that someone is 'grilling' you in your life at present. In other words, this person wants to ask you a lot of questions about yourself or what you’ve been doing. This could be your manager at work or a friend or family member who wants to know more about you. If it is the latter and this line of questioning is making you uncomfortable, it may be time to tell this person that it’s no longer appropriate- especially if you don’t know what their motivations are for doing so...

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