When you dream about Mondays, it's generally because you are about to start something like a project or task either at work or in your personal time. Perhaps you're ready to face your problems head on, which could include any problems your project or task might create.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Mondays provide people with a mixture of emotions and moods- dread, apprehension, fear, determination, nervousness, excitement- to name a few- so you might be feeling emotionally conflicted in your waking life about your upcoming week or something else.

Some people find Mondays to be the most challenging day of the week because you are at the beginning and still have a long way to go. So you may be experiencing some obstacles during your waking life at present if the dream was of a negative nature.

Mondays can sometimes be unpredictable and erratic after two days out of the office so maybe you don't know where you stand at work, at home or with a family member or friend and you want to establish what your position is either professionally or personally.

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Dreaming about the first day of the week, might bring about resentful feelings of stopping pleasure and enjoying time off to work on something you don’t want to.

You may dislike having to forego recreation and time to relax to complete necessary tasks just like anyone else. This feeling might be intensified if you are being called upon in your personal time to deal with things that aren’t relevant.

Perhaps you have to return to something serious or adopt a professional attitude and you don’t feel ready to do so, or indeed want to.

On the plus side, maybe you see now as an opportunity to work or be productive at something and feel that you are the only person who wants to work hard. You may think that people around you are lazy at home or at work.

Finally, another view of Mondays, especially the first one of the year- is a fresh start. Perhaps you have been looking for a clean slate or an excuse to start again and finally you have been given the opportunity to discard the old and inject some newness into your life. 

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Saturdays represent opportunity, so perhaps you feel that your life is full of opportunity right now and whatever you set out to do, it’s going to be to your advantage because you have choices for the first time in a long time. Saturdays can also signify that a strain has been removed for a little while and you can relax. You can take time off if you want to because there is nothing being asked of you and you are not expected to do anything right now. It’s probable this strain could come back but for now- you can enjoy the freedom while it lasts... to read more click HERE 

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