If you dream of meatballs it could be that you are forming a new idea in your mind. You are noting down things that are starting to make sense and have potential or a new project is taking shape at work or at home and coming together nicely.

We find out what it means to dream about meatballs

We find out what it means to dream about meatballs

It’s possible you are forming ideas but keeping them close to your chest for later. It might not be the right time to act on these concepts right now, or the person involved might not be ready at present.

Could something you’re pursuing need rounding off before you can share it or complete it? Perhaps you just need to put a few more finishing touches to whatever it is before you can present it to the world.

Meatballs are considered to be a comfort food so you might be feeling content with your life right now.

Perhaps you crave the feeling of comfort at home and you feel it’s something that’s lacking. How can you gain that feeling back?

Meatballs can also be indicative of rivalry- perhaps everyone in your family is thinking only of themselves and not helping each other out or joining together in crisis. Do you need to be the one to step in and pull everyone closer? Or are you acting in the same way? If so- it might be wise to get the ball rolling and set the example.

Perhaps this is what’s happening at work and everyone is refusing to work as a team, which is making your life increasingly difficult if you are managing that team or are part of it.

Do you have a generalised view about the people in your life? Do you see them as selfish beings? Or are you being selfish right now? It’s possible you need to start to include others in your thoughts or go one step further and do something for someone that will help them out.  

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