If you dream of being in a hot tub, it might be time to relax and recuperate.

We find out what it means to dream about a hot tub

We find out what it means to dream about a hot tub

If you have been pushing yourself too hard lately-it might be time to take your foot off the gas and rest.

The dream could be a metaphor for being ‘in too deep’ or ‘being in hot water’, in other words you are in trouble and need to get out of whatever situation you are in to reach safety again- and fast.

Water in a hot tub suggests you are finally releasing thoughts and feelings from your unconscious- or it might mean that you need to. If things are bubbling at the surface- do you need to let them out?

Hot tubs are generally found in spas and hotels- places one goes to escape from the daily grind. So maybe you are looking to escape from your life for a while. Is this the best way to handle a situation in your waking hours or do you need to face it head on?

A hot tub is linked to feelings of change- so perhaps you have changed something in your waking life- an attitude, your location, a relationship or it’s about time you did.

This type of dream is just as much about relaxing as it is cleansing- do you need to rid yourself of something in your life or distance yourself from someone? Think about the things and the people that bring you down and hold you back- it might be wise to detox your life of them.

If you were in the hot tub with other people- this could be sign that you need to spend more quality time with them. Do you need to book a holiday, weekend away or simply dedicate more of your home life to these people?

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