Diabetes is not something that people dream about a lot- but it has meaning all the same.

We find out what it means to dream about diabetes

We find out what it means to dream about diabetes

Having an illness in a dream is usually a negative sign- it might be that you're struggling with an illness in your waking life right now. You are getting to grips with a diagnosis, the treatment, or telling other people. This could be diabetes or something else.

It's possible that there’s an illness you’re at risk of getting. Perhaps you haven't thought about how your lifestyle is heightening your chances of suffering from this ailment. You dream has given you the chance to mull over the links.  

You may have had a health scare from the doctor, you might be showing symptoms or maybe someone has shared their concerns with you about your wellbeing.

It might be time to look closely at your health if you are dreaming about an illness such as diabetes- even if you dream about someone else having it.

Perhaps you need to start looking after for yourself more if you tend to put others first or don’t consider what you are putting in your body to fuel it.

If you dream of insulin, it could mean you have something you have to do in your waking life that you may not want to. Try looking at the bigger picture- it could be worth it even if it scares you or is unpleasant in the short term.

You may have dreamed about diabetes because you feel you are having to adhere to stricter rules and principles right now.

Someone or something is making you do certain things on a regular basis. You may know deep down it’s for your own good, but you don’t like having to stick to the routine of it all.

Another interpretation is that you are intentionally avoiding everything you like to do for something or someone.

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