A crab could be a reference to your current ‘crabby’ or irritable mood and your subconscious might be telling you to snap out of it if it’s negatively affecting your relationships or simply brining you down.

We find out what it means to dream about a crab

We find out what it means to dream about a crab

Alternatively, are you being too clingy with someone in your romantic life or with a friend? It might be time to give them some space and let go if you’re holding onto whatever you have with them too tightly.

It’s possible you are being this way about a situation or something in your waking life too- are you being too precious about something? Is it as good as you thought or do you need help from someone else or go back to the drawing board?

The dream can represent someone in your waking life who is doing the same to you too- is it the right time to tell them to back off?

If you were paying particular attention to the shell, then you may be trying to protect yourself from something  or someone in your waking life. Maybe you are putting up a front to people if you’re afraid to show your true colours.

Perhaps you are looking to change direction in your personal or professional life and are currently looking for other options.

Or you tend to change or move around a lot- do you need to examine why you do this? Or perhaps have no direction or goals so it might be time to focus and think about what you want to aim for and how you’re going to get there. Crabs carry their home on their backs so is it about time you settle down?

Another interpretation is that you might be skirting around an issue rather than dealing with it- would it be better in the long-run if you deal with whatever problem is bothering you?

Crabs can also represent the sea- therefore deep water- so it might be wise to look inwardly. Try and find the route of your behaviour or why you are reacting in a particular way at this point in your life. In other words you may need to look deeper into who you are and why.  

Source: www.sleepculture.com



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