If you dream about coconuts, it’s generally because you are going to receive an unexpected gift. 

We find out what it means to dream about coconuts

We find out what it means to dream about coconuts

Coconuts are symbolic of tropical places- is it times you booked a holiday? Or do you simply need a rest, relaxation, warmth, comfort or a change of scenery?

Within this train of thought if you are about to go on a holiday in the near future- have you already started to wind down? Do you feel that you are no longer responsible or obligated in your job because you are about to leave? You may think that something isn’t your problem because you won’t be here to deal with it and you are willing to let someone else tackle it for you. 

If you are finding something difficult to obtain right now, this could be why you dreamed about a coconut. It may take a lot of hard work to get what you want but it might be well worth it once you get there. 

It’s possible you are trying to figure out the answer to a question or solve a problem right now that’s ‘hard to crack’. 

If you were the coconut in your dream then you may be presenting a tough exterior to people in your waking hours, even if you aren’t tough on the inside. Is it time to show people the real you? Is this defence mechanism repelling people? Especially those closest to you or people you want to have relationships with? Are you making social situations awkward?

If someone else was eating you while you were a coconut then the barriers you have been putting up aren’t working. Even though you’ve tried really hard to prevent others from seeing your softer side, it hasn’t worked. There are people in your life who want to get to know the real you and who aren’t afraid to keep searching. 

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