If you were eating or licking caramel in your dream, it’s possible that you are in a  situation at present that seems all sweetness and light but has the potential to turn into a sticky situation quite soon. Perhaps it already has and you realise now that you were lured in by something that was seemingly good.

We find out what it means to dream about caramel

We find out what it means to dream about caramel

If it sounded too good to be true, it’s possible it is and you might need to get out now before you get permanently stuck.

Is someone being sickly-sweet to you in some area of your life and it’s making you suspicious? On the surface, your dealings with them may seem ok for now, however it’s possible that they will be bad for you if you go along with their tempting suggestions and ideas much longer.

Caramel is something that people generally eat for pleasure so perhaps you are in the midst of an idyllic situation right now in your personal or professional life or even both. You feel happy and full of energy and you are having nothing but cheerful experiences in your waking life. Be mindful that this might not last much longer. 

If the caramel was coating another food, then it’s possible you are trying to hide something from someone at work or at home. Perhaps you are trying to sugar coat a situation that is worse than someone thinks- for their sake, to protect them- or maybe for yours- so you don’t have to suffer the negativity associated with telling the whole truth.  

If you tend to sugar coat what’s happening in your life, is it time you stopped and were more honest with people? Especially those closest to you? Do they believe you anyway when you never have anything bad to say? It might be worth trying it to see if it’s any healthier for you than covering your concerns and problems up all the time.

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