When you dream of apricots, it could mean that you are an optimistic person and see the good in everything, even when things aren’t necessarily going your way.

What does it mean when you dream about apricots?

What does it mean when you dream about apricots?

Apricots that are not quite ripe could be symbolic of your hard work. Perhaps you see success in the future and are willing to put in the effort now to reach the benefits and let your hard work pay off when the time is right.

There is a negative connotation when dreaming about apricots too. The seeds within the fruit are toxic, so it could be indicative of how you’re feeling inside. Perhaps there is something that is bothering you that’s not obvious to others. You may feel that you are being lured into a situation that appears too good to be true. Or you could be in denial about something.

The toxicity might refer to someone in your waking hours who is a bad influence on you. Do you need to distance yourself from this person?

If your dreamed of dried apricots, it’s possible you have delayed doing something in your waking life- getting married, finding your dream job, or having children.

The dream could be telling you to eat more healthfully. Consider what you put in your body now- if what you’re fuelling yourself with is not good for you- it might be time for a change.

If you were picking apricots, you have a long a difficult journey ahead of you- be patient as the end is in sight.

To halve and apricot and share it with someone means you will have support and help from the person you were eating it with.

Rotten apricots on the ground suggests that you will meet someone dishonest and who will invite you into dirty business. Stay clear of them,

Source: www.mindfuldreamer.com



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