Absinthe was used in the early 19th century to cure many illnesses, so to dream of it suggests that you are unwell and need to heal.

We find out what it means to dream about absinthe

We find out what it means to dream about absinthe

Whatever is slowing you down might not be visible or obvious so take some time out to really think about how you feel both physically and mentally.

The drink which is also known as ‘The Green Fairy’ was thought to have hallucinogenic properties. The dream could therefore be telling you that you are imagining things- perhaps you are overly sensitive and looking for things that aren’t there. You may be reading too much into people’s facial expressions, offhand comments and actions. Try not to assume anything until people tell you or show you otherwise.

Absinthe was blamed for causing madness, seizures and death during this time- so perhaps something that is seemingly appealing to you could have very negative consequences. Think twice before making your next move as you might regret it.

Absinthe isn’t sweetened, so perhaps the dream is telling you to sweeten up your life- your days are too plain or something has turned sour and you need to inject sweetness into your waking hours.

The drink is also referred to as ‘The Green Lady’ or ‘The Green Goddess’ so it’s possible the dream was more about the colour than the drink. Are you jealous of someone? Or perhaps you are envious of many people and you are wasting your time and energy on other people’s achievements while neglecting your own. If you feel that you aren’t reaching your potential- surely your time would be better spent by focusing on what you can do to better yourself rather than wishing you were someone else or had more.

Absinthe is not a popular drink so dreaming about it could suggest that you have neglected a part of your life or yourself and you need to reclaim it.

Dreaming of any spirit foretells difficulties in the near future. The more you drink in the dream, the worse they will be. If your solution to any problem is to have a drink- the dream could be a warning to you that this is not the best way to tackle your issues.

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