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If you say I love you to someone and they don’t reply 'you too', is that a bad sign?

Hi Jess,

What could it mean?

What could it mean?

If you tell someone you love them face to face or by message and they don’t say it back- it could mean two things.

Either; they don’t love you now and never will or they aren’t in that place yet.

It doesn’t necessarily mean the end of a relationship- it could just mean that the person you are talking about needs more time.

I would consider how long you have been together- if- indeed you are a couple. Perhaps your feelings have developed faster than theirs have. There is nothing wrong with this- it just means that your attachments are growing at different rates.

If they are committed to you and the partnership then this should develop over time. The important thing is not to rush the other person into anything they aren’t ready to feel. This will put too much pressure on them and could drive them in the opposite direction.   

With that said, if you have been together for a while- then perhaps the way you feel about each other is never going to align. It’s possible you are better off as friends.

You know your relationship with this person better than I do- so judge it accordingly.

What I would say is- consider why you said what you did. Are you really there yet? Or do you feel pressure to conform?  

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