radhakrishnan asks :

is there any problem if i drink my wife's cum.

Ingesting a woman’s secretions is just as safe as a woman ingesting a man’s semen when she performs oral sex. The taste can differ from time to time depending on a woman’s cycle and what she has eaten or drank that day. For instance a lot of coffee can make it taste bitter, whereas some people believe that if they eat certain foods such as pineapple it can make it taste sweeter.

Please help!

Please help!

When you say drink, can you clarify this for me? If you mean drink in substantial amounts this is likely not too good for you. Although the internet does not offer a lot on this subject, I would assume that in large amounts it can cause an imbalance in your digestive fluids and make you feel nauseous and make you vomit. Although it can contain higher levels of proteins, it is probably best to ingest the amount produced in the bedroom and no more.

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