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what to do to increase my sex time i just remain in the mood for 15 minutes and after that my penis reshuffles back to the positon of normal and my galfrnd trys to originate it but after the discharge i dont care about her and remain aside but she wants it to be extended for long tell me whaT to do????/

If you are having problems lasting during sex, our resident relationship expert Cara Mason posted this last week about how to last longer, it may be worth checking this out first! It includes advice on foreplay, condoms and lubricants, sexual positions, having more sex and introducing sex toys.

But after 15 minutes that's it!

But after 15 minutes that's it!

If no-one of these work then Viagra could be your answer. This will help regulate the blood flow in your penis and help you last longer. Once men have ejaculated after sex they become lethargic and their natural instinct is to fall asleep, which is down to both their biochemistry and evolutionary instincts, so this could explain your disinterest in wanting to do anything more for your partner. Usually women have a surge of energy after sex so this can cause problems in the bedroom as they often expel less energy during the act than men.

Perhaps give your girlfriend more oral sex before you have sex, as this would extend the entire sexual experience and ensure you miss out the part at the end where you ‘don’t care about her’. Endurance can be down to other factors such as what you are eating or what exercise you are taking; these can also affect sex drive as well so look at your lifestyle and see if there is anything you can change in this area.


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