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my mistress of 25 yrs is so hot and passionate , but can someone advise me,on many occassion she comes so heavy, her crotch, my crotch , the sheets, and thighs are soaking wet, can anyone tell what is that.and during that come, she screams,and gets into a frenzy, and i always know , that the flood gates are going to open up.

The amount of fluid that a woman produces can vary when she reaches orgasm. It can be a small almost undectable amount or can soak the sheets, sometimes it can come out in a squirt, which almost looks like she is passing urine. This is not something that you can reduce, unless you reduce the amount of stimulation you give your mistress, to little or nothing. It may just require some changes in the bedroom, such as trying positions where she is not sat on top of you, avoid reverse cowgirl, cowgirl and missionary positions as these could all result in you becoming wet while beneath her. Try doggy style, her legs above your head or spooning in order to direct the wetness elsewhere.



If you have been sleeping with this woman for 25 years and you have become accustomed to this over this time, why is it a problem now? Has this not happened throughout your sex life? Have you become so familiar with each other’s sensitivity that this is a result of practiced and perfected love making? Surely the fact that you are pleasuring your mistress to this extent is testament to your abilities in the bedroom? Try and see it as a positive more than a negative.

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