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Hi Lucy,

Will I ever be able to enjoy life again while battling depression?

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Hi Diana, thanks for getting in touch.


Many people go on to live and enjoy their lives while on medication or courses of counselling for depression once they have found one that works for them, with few side effects.

Usually the doctor recommends that you see a counsellor first, for a minimum of six sessions, where you can talk about the routes of your feelings and how this spirals into making you feel depressed. If you feel you need extra support then they will likely recommend that you take a course of tablets to help stabilise your mood.

If you haven’t already, then perhaps visit your doctor and look into either getting a referral for a some counselling sessions or some medication to help you through.

A lot of the time depression can feel isolating so why not try and call The Samaritans? They offer 24/7 help so you can call them when your friends and family are asleep and the doctors are closed for the night. They offer an impartial listening service so you won’t be judged, only heard when others around you might try and help you in ways you feel you don’t want or need.

They also have an email service so if you feel uncomfortable calling them and better at expressing yourself over email then that is something for you to consider. Or if you like face to face contact they also offer sessions in your local branch, so give them a call to arrange or simply drop in.

The point is don’t ever suffer alone because there is always someone at the other end of the phone who you can talk to if you are experiencing feelings of despair or distress. With this help and determination you should make positive steps towards managing your depression more easily.  

Good luck,

Lucy x 

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