Gillian King asks :

After breasfeeding my two children my breast have almost disappeared. This really gets me down, I feel so unsexy. I cannot afford and wouldnt really want surgery. Do any of the breast enlargement pills or creams actually work? Are there any other options? Please help x

Pills and creams generally are a fad when it comes to things like this. Affordability is not as much of an issue as it used to be as you can get surgery on finance now, with small monthly payments over a dedicated amount of time, however if you do decide to go down this route then take care in choosing a reputable firm.

I have lost my confidence

I have lost my confidence

The only other option really is to start to exercise around the area. Perhaps join a gym and talk to the instructor about chest strengthening exercises, or there are some you could do at home if you look on the internet if you are bashful about taking to someone. The skin has been stretched but if you strengthen the muscle beneath this will help in the general area. Swimming is good for strengthening the arms, shoulders and breast area, so this is perhaps a good place to start.

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