Helena asks :

I split with my b/f just before Christmas after a 14 month intensely strong relationship. I have now come to accept that it’s over and we are doing the friends thing. The only problem is that we still have strong feelings for each other and are intensely attracted to each other, so much so that we’ve ended up having sex on more than a few occasions and it still feels so natural. I’d just like some advice on how to stay strong when we just get so damn horny around each other.

Yin replies

Does this not suggest to you that perhaps you should not have split with your boyfriend. It sounds to me that you may as well be in a relationship still, if you are both in love and still having sex. Maybe the break is what you needed and things could be great between you if you give it another go. Alternatively, all I can suggest that you do is to think about the implications of your actions. Having sex is obviously a very personal thing, and this act will be keeping you close together. Are you not happy with the way things are between you at the moment? Talk about it together.

Yang replies

I think that you should have a serious chat with this man and decide between you whether or not you are going to continue the way you are at the moment. If you don't want to be together but are still finding it hard to keep your hands off eachother, maybe you should only spend time alone in public places where you cannot have sex. Other than this, you may have to break all contact for a while.

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