Sarah asks :

Everything's changed recently. & now i feel like i have no one & no one to talk to. I feel alone & un-confident in everything i do. I lied to get out of something, something i should have never done but now it has all backfired. My friends have turned against me & are making my life a living hell... I can't do anything anymore, without being bullied & taunted. What should i do?

Yin replies

Sarah, I can tell that you are very upset and regretful for what you have done. Whatever it was, I'm sure that it doesn't deserve people treating you in this way. If these people were your true friends then they would not mock you in this way, so perhaps in the long run it is for the best. You cannot let these people get away with taunting you like this. I don't know how old you are, but I would advise for you to seek help from someone that you do trust. Things will blow over eventually, maybe this is the perfect opportunity to start again!

Yang replies

It might sound silly, but why don't you try writing a diary. This can really help a lot of people as by writing down how you are feeling and what is worrying you it is a way of expressing yourself, meaning you don't keep everything inside. i'm sure that your friends will stop taking the mick soon and people will forgive you for whatever you have done. Apologise for it and explain that you know you made the wrong decision. It's not a quick fix, but it's a start. Try going out to join clubs and social groups perhaps to make new friends and start afresh. Hope all works out.

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