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Hi Lucy,

My grandmother bought me some gold diamond earrings for my 18th birthday that must have been really expensive. The problem is my ears aren't pierced so I can’t ever wear them. I feel I ought to say something as they seem valuable but I don't want to offend her. What should I say/do so I don't hurt her feelings?


Hi Freya,

I don't want to offend her

I don't want to offend her

She likely hasn't even realised that you don't have your ears pierced. You could tell her if she still has the receipt and ask if you could exchange them for some clip on earrings instead? You could tell her that you don't want to offend her but you want to be able to wear them.

If you don't wear them when you see her she might ask about them- so this may be a way to start the conversation. You know your grandmother better than me- does she ask you about the things she has bought you to make sure you are getting wear out of them? If so, it might be better to broach the subject now before it gets awkward.

If they are valuable then it may be something to put away and keep as something you can pass down to your daughter if you want/ have one or just as something of value to keep.

If you have been thinking of getting your ears pierced then it could be the perfect excuse to go and get them done then when they are healed you will be able to wear them.

Alternatively, if you feel uncomfortable approaching her- could you ask your mum or your dad to have a little word with her and enquire about the receipt or if she doesn't have it tell her why she won't see you wearing them.

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