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My husband and I have been married for a little over a year, and recently he has started to 'baby talk' all of the time. It's driving me crazy,

I'm never attracted to him any more because it's like being with a four year-old. I have tried talking to him about it and although he says he will stop, he doesn't! What can I do?

K My husband's 'baby talk'

K My husband's 'baby talk'

Yin replies

When you say your husband has started to ‘baby talk’ all of the time, had he ever hinted at wanting to do this before you were married?

Some women find it cute at first, and then it gets out of control and they’re completely turned off sex. No surprises it’s like being with a four-year-old. It can be quite nauseating and upsetting.

One big positive you can take from this is that you have been open with him and told him that you don’t like it. The fact that he hasn’t stopped could simply be down to force of habit but it could be because he has a deep need to be treated as an infant in sex, such as a fetish, or it could be that he’s avoiding adult issues. Is your husband still instigating sexual intimacy with you? If not, his baby talk could be a way to keep the relationship from being adult because he doesn’t want to have sex.

Either way, there might be some issues that need to come out in to the open and it might be worth seeing a counsellor, together or alone. Next time he gives you his babytalk, be clear about how it makes you feel and, until you know what is causing it, don’t respond either in an encouraging or dismissive way. If he does baby talk, you should do straight talk.

Yang replies

Do you have children of your own? If so, the last thing you need is another one in the family. But perhaps he’s competing for attention because he thinks you respond better to children?

Turn the tables on him and while he insists on the baby talk, treat him as one. Sloppy food, bedtime when you say – and in a separate bedroom. If he’s asleep for most of the evening, he won’t be able to bother you. And who wants to sleep with a man-baby anyway?! Eeeww.

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