Emily asks :

Hey, i've been going out with my boyfriend now coming up to 8 weeks. The first 4 or 5 weeks were excellent, then all of a sudden he became clingy. He wants to know what i am up to very half an hour, he's constantly texting me, he won't let go of me after a good night out. It's really driving me despair and i'm thinking of calling it a day with him. Please help, as i love him too much to lose him!

Yin replies

I think that you need to talk to your boyfriend about how you feel and reassure him that he is not going to lose you. Everyone needs some time to themselves and he should know this. Tell him that you are feeling smothered, because if you don't then the chances are he'll never realise (he's a man!), and it will make things worse. Make sure you communicate as much as you can. Hope this works for you.

Yang replies

I think that you and your boyfriend should agree on one night a week that you don't see eachother or make any contact. This would bring back more anticipation in your relationship, where you are dieing to see each other etc. This may cause your boyfriend to realise that he doesn't need to be talking to you and to know where you are all the time. If things don't improve, tell him how you feel and that he should trust you and let you have more "me" time. It's not fair on you for him to be like this, and it could just be insecurity on his part. Help him through it and it should strengthen your relationship, instead of driving you apart like it is at the moment.

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