Jeanette Rogers asks :

My live in boyfriend (X) of 5 months broke up with me two weeks ago over an argument with my 17-year-old smart mouthed daughter. Last Thursday he told me that he loved me but he was done. Being depressed my friends took me out for drinks at the local club and I ran into an old boyfriend (Y). That night, drunk and lonely, I slept with (Y) and feel totally guilty about it right after. The next morning (X) calls me and says maybe sometime soon we can talk about just dating because we both miss each other. I didn't tell him about (Y) but planned to if we got back together. Well he found out from someone else and is mad at me and won't speak to me. Do you think he will ever forgive me or should I just try to move on even though I love him so much? Thanks for input, Depressed

Yin replies

I think that he is over reacting slightly to be honest, because it's not as though you cheated on him when you slept with your ex. Try talking to him about it, and if he is adament that you are in the wrong and is not willing to forgive you then I would leave it. Understandably it will take him along time to forgive you, but if he is not willing to try then it's not worth the disappointment.

Yang replies

I'm sure you can understand why he is feeling so hurt Jeanette. Although you weren't together it will still have had an impact on him, although theoretically you haven't done anything wrong. Be patient with him, because forgiveness takes time, but don't wait forever. If he is showing no sign of moving on, then maybe you should. There's no right or wrong answer you just need to see how it goes.

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