Our smartphones mean everything to us, so we asked the experts at Mobilephones.com to give us the lowdown on what the device in our pocket says about our adventures in bed.

Your phone reveals a lot more than you think!

Your phone reveals a lot more than you think!

Blackberry - Business in the boardroom and business between the sheets. You might have been a social butterfly and down with the fanciest moves a while ago but you still prefer to stick to what you know. No harm in the tried and tested, but maybe it's time for a new awakening?

iPhone - You like to think of yourself as a sex-kitten - fun, feisty and first to know all the latest tricks. You can be a little needy and, as much as you like to include everyone, you really crave all of the attention. Looking good is important to you in bed and while being truly individual might not be your thing - if recent events are anything to go by - you might not be averse to trying radical changes, even if you do run out of charge quicker than most.

Samsung Galaxy - A true wild thing, you live by your own rules and always make sure your needs are thoroughly satisfied. You like to be experimental and have an open mind to pretty much anything, no matter what position or where it is. Some people might be intimidated by you, but never be afraid to do what makes you feel good.

HTC - Whoever you're sharing your bed with doesn't matter so much - it's all about your own performance. You're the one that suggests recording your sessions and spends the entire time staring at the mirrored ceilings.

One Plus - Cheap and cheerful, you like a cheeky no-strings-attached fumble in the bedroom. You're not one for sexual acrobatics but you always end satisfied.

Microsoft Lumia - So what if people think your habits are a little strange? You don't care one bit as long as you're happy. You might be shy and demure on the streets but you're the definition of freak in the sheets. Out-there toys, role playing - the more whips and chains the better for your exploits.

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