Our Female First readers began discussing the topic of underwear, once removed should you use it in sexual pay or not? We look at all the different functions of underwear once you are de-robed!

Better on or off?

Better on or off?

Swap it

For those cheeky chaps out there, underwear can be the source of much hilarity when they have been removed from your partner’s body in the throws of passion! Some men like to wear it, just for kicks to see how much it hides or doesn’t hide and some like to keep them on after sex. Just as boxers are sexy on a woman lacy undergarments can also be sexy on a man.

Remember the Friends episode where Julia Roberts gets Chandler to wear her pink panties? Be sure guys, if you do try this, that you don’t get caught in a hot pink thong in a public bathroom!


Underwear can be used to tie up your partner to the bed post in the height of sexual play. They act as a comfortable way to bind, as opposed to the traditional handcuffs. It all depends whether you like it rough or are a beginner and want to have something more sensual next to your skin like lace or silk.


Underwear can be the perfect way of silencing your partner if you have run out of other means to gag them. It is more comfortable than tape across the mouth or a pony play bit gag for bondage beginners!

Smell it

Underwear catches all of the secretions from genitals especially if you are getting a little geared up for something more. Some women find it a turn on for their partner to smell their underwear and take in their scent before going down on them, acting like an appetiser for oral sex!

Taste it

As if your partner licking you down there isn’t moreish enough, why not give him a strater of edible underwear? Take off your actual underwear and replace it with something sweet like an edible g-string? Or get your man to wear an edible posing pouch! Perfect to curb two cravings at once!