has found the celebrities than Brits would most like to shower with and the results are quite surprising! David Beckham and Kelly Brook topped the list of those who men and women would most like to join them under the shower head for a back scrub.



Men would like to shower with:

Kelly Brook

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini

Rachel Riley

Holly Willoughby


Kate Middleton

Mylene Class

Michelle Keegan

Sheridan Smith

Susanna Reid

Women would like to shower with:

David Beckham

George Clooney

Daniel Craig

Ryan Gosling

Idris Elba

Benedict Cumberbatch

Prince Harry

Jamie Dornan

Simon Cowell

Harry Styles

For some, showering is a solo task, but 56% of couples enjoy sharing it with their partner. Surprisingly, it's not the young couples who enjoy this time, it's the over 65s that get the most out of taking a hot dip together under the shower faucet.

Ian Monk, CEO at commented:

"Topping our showering poll for men and women David Beckham was a clear winner, whilst Simon Cowell even beat Harry Styles, and Kelly Brook was more popular than Cheryl Fernandez-Versini . Showering is an intimate time of the day, but over half of the nation admitted to enjoying showering together, as well as wanting to share it with celebrities and even royalty.

Unfortunately the likelihood of showering with a celebrity is pretty slim, so we have rounded up some tips to make the most out of showering with your partner.


Clean the bathroom and put away things that might get in your way- excess bottles, razors and products. Nothing spoils the moment like a blade lodged in your foot. Keep out what you are going to use such as sponges and a sexy smelling wash and get some soft towels out the cupboard for when you're done. Light some candles and put some music on to set the scene.


It's not often that you get to explore some of the areas of your bodies you can while standing up. Enjoy and take your time on all these nooks and crannies that you might not pay as much attention to while you are horizontal.

Bath toys

Use your showerhead, a tingly body wash or a washcloth to make the most of these new sensations and if this loses its appeal- buy a waterproof sex toy- that's right- it's not only kids that can have a box of goodies for wash time.


This is not an excuse to get him to help you shave your legs or buff your bum- make sure that you are shaved or tidy, smooth and ready for him, so it doesn't inject functionality into what should be task free moment.

Don't take things too far

Remember that shampoo does not double up as lube and your loofah does not have another function as a dildo- it is tempting to get carried away if this is new to you, but remember to also be sensible with what you have around you or you could end up very sore and dry.


Set aside some time for this when you know you won't be interrupted. Take it slow and enjoy the new experience. However when your bits start to shrivel up like a prune it's probably time to dry off and get back into bed.

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