We all remember the episode of Friends where Monica tells Chandler where all the seven erogenous zones are on a woman, to which he replies, ‘there are seven??’

Which one do you like to be touched in?

Which one do you like to be touched in?


In actual fact, there are more than seven Chandler! So here they are- perhaps some of you need to pass this onto your man, or ask them to try out a new zone on you- whatever ‘your’ zone- make sure it’s touched-and regularly!




These are of the course the first things that are touched in most relationships and are a precursor to all the other lovely acts to follow! So they are a good indicator of how he kisses you in other places, (or perhaps how adventurous he could be in bed!). Mixing it up with kissing, licking, sucking and biting tells you that he is not afraid to mess around with different techniques, which is great for when you are between the sheets. Who wants missionary all the time??


Nape of the neck


If you are kissing passionately, there is nothing that sends chills down to your ‘who ha’ than if he places his hand on your neck as he does it. It says he is taking control, but not too much, just enough to keep you locked in your position, which to be fair you are happy to be in anyway! It stops you falling over if you are particularly woozy from the kiss too!


Although hickys are something that are often associated with inexperience and a bid for attention, this is the next step up! For those guys who have mastered the act of biting and sucking without leaving a mark- we salute you! Gone are the days where you have to wear scarves and high necked sweaters to cover your misdemeanours!




Although him having a munch on the ears might be a bit strange to do if you sharing your first kiss, this something to look forward to later on! Letting him edge up from your neck to your ears and having a cheeky pinch of one can work wonders!


Whispering dirty things into them sometimes works too! Just as long as he is not asking you to run his boxers through the washing machine!




A grab of the wrists in mid-air or so he can hold them against your headboard again says that he is a take charge kind of guy! He likes to be dominant, which you can surrender to or resist- either way it’s hot!




Otherwise known as ‘second base’ for our friends across the pond. There is nothing sexier than a man feeling your breasts, but only when he knows how. They are not screw tops, he is not washing windows, they are sensitive parts of us and need care and attention! Sticking his face between them to play ‘motor boats’- doesn’t really say ‘I love you’ either.




Buttock pinching or grabbing is just cheeky. It’s what men in clubs think they can get away with without us calling the police. For our men, it allows them to show us how fast and hard they want it, so if you want to keep him satisfied while he feels you in ‘the zone’ let him grab your ass!


Inner thighs


A stairway to heaven- is he? Is he not?- it’s a tease being touched or kissed there because it’s the closest place to your lady garden. Men know that touching you there is going to get your juices flowing; it’s just a matter of time!


Behind the knees


Richard Fish in Ally McBeal was the king of behind the knee orgasms, with his women begging him to ‘do my knee’. But after many years of practice, I can’t get it to work, but it certainly feels nice!




Oh yes- this part is quite important as I recall! For those lucky few who can reach orgasm via the good old g-spot then this alone can be one of the most successful erogenous zones of all!




For most women however, we need a little help from the clitoris. It’s small; blink it and you’ll miss it, but my God its mighty in its results! Either a tongue or finger can awaken this zone or for those gifted partners who can do it simultaneously- don’t hack him off- he’s a keeper! It’s to your benefit to tell your man exactly how you like it so he can give you just the right amount of pressure! 

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