Disorganized wardrobes are a killer!

Disorganized wardrobes are a killer!

Lovespace has revealed the top ten dirty things that are the biggest passion killers! With a huge 63% refusing to engage in any sort of sex in a messy house- it seems that couples better get their clean on or their sex lives will suffer! Men are a little bit more lenient but one sixth of women would not drop their knickers for their partner if there was housework to be done.

In the North East couples are a bit more lax when it comes to sex or cleaning- opting for rolling around in dirty bed sheets. The Irish on the other hand want spotless surroundings before bumping uglies.

Not surprisingly, 18-24 year olds were the least likely to worry about how dirt ridden their surroundings were if sex was on the cards. 45-54 year olds on the other hand want clean before flicking the bean!  

Top ten passion killers:

Horrible smells- No romantic candle will cover some of the smells that come from men and their mess! Farts, dirty underwear; an extended recent trip to the bathroom- it would be like having sex in a barn.

A kitchen overflowing with clutter and dirty plates- Nine and a half weeks it is NOT!

Pictures of ex-partners on the walls-It’s bad enough if he talks about his ex all night- but to have picture evidence too- why can’t you just let us go on Facebook and stalk her when we get home?

Floors covered in clothes, and wardrobes and cupboards bursting at the seams- During coitus all we will be able to think about is cleaning it up not about our orgasm!

Freaky collections like: porcelain dolls, stuffed animals or teddy bears- We put ourselves under enough scrutiny when we are naked in front of him for the first time- hundreds of other eyes on us is not going to help!

Evidence of past parties or nights out – like old empty drinks bottles or traffic cones in rooms- We don’t want to think about your mates- just you!

Weird memorabilia, like life sized celebrity cardboard cut-outs- We don’t want to be mid-session and think that the neighbour has accidently walked in or we have a burglar- Fear is not an aphrodisiac!

Dust- Did you just orgasm? No my vagina clenched as I sneezed!

Children’s clothes and toys everywhere- We don’t want to be thinking of the kids right now!

Bikes and other sports equipment everywhere- It’s great that you are active but we want you to be active with us right now not on your bike or with your weights!



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