ChefJames Martin

ChefJames Martin

We find out which jobs are the most appealing for your men to work in and why! 

James Martin

Chef- The way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach- unless she’s on a diet, there is not getting to her heart with food then- at that point you have to find alternative means to make her happy!

Rachel, 42, from Somerset, who uses to meet married men commented: "I love a man who knows his way around a kitchen, who can be creative and knows how to impress a lady, I am also looking for stimulating conversation and an emotional connection. I don't want to date someone who is arrogant or has an oversized ego”.

George Clooney

Doctor- It is perceived that men in this role are caring, intelligent and motivated! Plus you would never have to wait in a surgery phone queue again- just ask you man!

Patrick Dempsey

In that sexy white coat there are plenty of props for role play at home!

Matthew McConaughey 

Lawyer- If you have any trouble at work you know he will sort it out for you, so you will always get the most out of your employer! The only negative is he will be able to get negotiate his way out of any arguments! But on the plus side he will talk you into bed before you can say ‘orgasm’!

Fireman- The rescuer. We all have that inherent desire to be picked up by a man on a horse like in the Disney movies that we watched as a child. This plays to that fantasy, but now you are an adult you can have a lot more fun with it! 

Farmer- He’s outdoorsy- he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty and embrace the countryside. It nice to have a clean shaven, suited man- but a rugged man who loves the fresh air and an alfresco bonk is sometimes much more appealing!(Apparently there are no famous sexy farmers out there-can you think of any?!)

Least Sexy

Member of Parliament- They are viewed generally as boring, over-confident, self-absorbed and having a bad reputation. Who would want to talk about his day when he got home? spokesperson Rosie Freeman-Jones commented: "I think the media has played a massive part in what women see as attractive qualities in men - they look for passion, creativity, ambition and drive. Women like men who can spoil them in the kitchen and make them feel special; they also want men who are caring. Unfortunately where the media may have helped lift the profile of Chef's to women, it has had the opposite effect for MP's - even Boris Johnson couldn't save them from being last after previously being voted the sexist politician by Illicit Encounters members.


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