What did you believe?

What did you believe?

We all heard at least one when we were in school, so we thought we would combine a list of the most entertaining sex myths out there for a giggle and to remember that we believed almost anything when it come to the ‘s’ word.

  1. Green M and Ms make you horny- Nope, they just make you crave more M and Ms
  2. Hot tubs can prevent pregnancy- No, they just mask a rogue fart!
  3. Mountain Dew decreases your sperm count- It makes you wired for lots of sex! 
  4. You can get an STI from a toilet seat- Your hovering days are over! 
  5. I won’t get an STD from someone I know- They wouldn't do that to me- would they?
  6. Doggy Style gives you puppies- There are no words...
  7. If you give oral sex, but brush your teeth after you won’t get an STI- Na-ah- it just stops you having cummy breath!
  8. If you don't have a condom- cling film is just as good!- Give me strength!
  9. Jumping up and down afer sex stops you getting pregnant- Nope- it just makes you look like you need an after sex wee!
  10. You can’t get pregnant if you have sex standing up- Gravity won't help you here my friend! 
  11. You can’t get pregnant if you wash with Coca Cola- Because the sperm gets distracted by the bubbles? And has a mini hot tub party in your vagina?
  12. Semen is low carb- BAD news for any ladies currently on a Atkins :(
  13. If you douche after sex you won’t get pregnant- Sorry- you're too late! 
  14. Two condoms are better than one- It's not a heavy shop at Asda! 
  15. Masturbation causes gas- No, but sex might encourage a sly fanny fart! 

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  1. by Herpes Woo 13th Mar 2014 03:00

    Thanks for the myths!

  2. by jinjin 14th Mar 2014 18:06

    Doggy Style gives you puppies.


  3. by jakebrown 02nd Apr 2014 11:17

    Nice post .

  4. by rupa 10th Apr 2014 17:48

    Well yes this is ridiculous really. I really got new thing by the help of you.