Summer Sun Spells High Sex Drive

Summer Sun Spells High Sex Drive

The sun, the sea, the cocktails, and the general holiday vibe are all boosting Brit’s sex drives this summer.

The summer sun is bringing out the raunchy side of Brits with more than half admitting they experience a higher sex drive when on holiday.

In fact, nearly two thirds admit that when the sun is shining they think about sex a lot more as well as wanting more of it.

With all the flesh on show it comes as little surprise and 91 per cent of men said women should show off even more when on holiday by going topless. found the three date rule goes out of the window when having sex on holiday for 55 per cent of people.

With such little time before flying back home, Brits would rather seize the moment and do the deed as soon as possible.

As for locations, 82 per cent of people said they wouldn’t mind getting sand in those hard to reach places by having sex on the beach.

A further third of people also admitted that they would love to join the mile high club, getting started before the holiday has even officially begun!

Despite so many of us admitting to our sex drive going crazy on holiday, three quarters of us said that we don’t go on holiday with the intention of pulling.

Although, when the sangria has been flowing, 50 per cent of us admitted that we would have sex with someone that we wouldn’t usually.

Despite them often being known as holiday flings, 80 per cent of people said that holiday sex could potentially lead to a long term relationship.

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