Where do you go??

Where do you go??

Shag at uni.com looked into the most promiscuous universities in Britain and found that St Andrews University in Scotland attended by both Prince William and Kate Middleton is the worst. The results were found following the number of sign ups and monthly visits from each Uni, with Oxford, Manchester and Leeds featuring in the top ten!


The website is designed with students in mind to help them find a sexual partner while they are living in at Uni. The team behind the site found that sign ups were coming in thicker and faster from some unis than others and wanted to find out more!  


The top 10 most promiscuous universities in the UK were revealed as follows:


  1. University of St. Andrews – 9.8 (Average number of times in a month students visit the site)
  2. 2.       University of Leeds 9.2
  3. Oxford University 8.4
  4. Birmingham City University 8.1
  5. University of Manchester  - 7.8
  6. London South Bank University – 7.2
  7. Southampton Solent University 6.9
  8. University of Reading  6.3
  9. University of Wolverhampton 5.6
  10. University Of West of England (UWE) 5.1


It would seem that students at Cambridge, Aberdeen and Falmouth, don't need any help in their area as they are able to find their sexual partners without the help if a website, with as low as 1.8 monthly visits to the site!


Creator of Shagatuni.com, Tom Thurlow, made the following comment:


“The visitors to the website are up on last year's statistics by over 40%, further evidence to support that students are spending more time on sites like Shag at Uni to hook up with partners rather than rely on conventional methods to find a sexual partner. I’ve got to say, I absolutely love the fact that students from prestigious universities such as St. Andrews and Oxford seem to be such fans of our site! Let’s face it; it’s one of the more controversial hook-up sites out there. It may seem fairly shocking, but when you really stop and think about it, it makes perfect sense.”


He continued:


“Students at St. Andrews and Oxford seem to have little else to keep them entertained apart from casual encounters and there’s also the old saying of “work hard, play harder”. Who knows, maybe if our site had been around ten years ago, Prince William and Kate Middleton could have been fans! On second thoughts...”

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